@goat's amazing talk on keysmashes, sexuality and mathematical randomness!

Having a lovely chat with Matt Gray (of the Technical Difficulties, who I don't think is on the fediverse but is @MattGrayYES on birdsite)!


Nottingham Hackspace (who I also can't find a fediverse account for - if they have one, please let me know)'s amazing BarBot, as usual!

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And so much more that I couldn't possibly photograph, including volunteering at the infodesk, helping deliver Sneakernet postcards around the campsite, and just being able to meet up with so many folks I know from here and hadn't had a chance to see before. Can't wait for 2024!

(P.S. if you saw this on birdsite first - I normally post here first! this only took so long to take over to the fediverse because of problems with tagging people and alt text: social.mashed.cloud/@curtispf/)

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