Nottingham Hackspace (who I also can't find a fediverse account for - if they have one, please let me know)'s amazing BarBot, as usual!

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Having a lovely chat with Matt Gray (of the Technical Difficulties, who I don't think is on the fediverse but is @MattGrayYES on birdsite)!

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Bank holiday doesn't always mean rest! up and down the country will have been out saving lives and supporting communities - here's me and back from supporting a community event. how first aid saves lives!

To celebrate fixing my federation issues: here's a friend I made the other day on campus

Huh - why does the official @Mastodon account have follow requests turned on? That seems an odd decision... or is there an issue with federation here 👀

A small, invite-only server run by @curtispf for himself and some friends.