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Who else is going to this year? would be great to meet up with some people :)

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UK politics 

“I’m not going to justify a news programme whose news anchor went out shouting obscenities about the Conservative party,” she said. “So, you know, they don’t do themselves any favours sometimes, the news programme.”

Terrifying - how is this not the headline?


By my calculations,' "unexpected" first class degrees model they calc grade inflation with uncritically expects a white, non-mature/disabled female law student to have a 40.5% chance of a First; the same Black student to have 15.4% chance.


They said the quiet part out loud omg

"The Office for Students (OfS) published analysis claiming that more than half of first-class degrees awarded in 2021 could not be explained by “observable factors” such as … social background of students."

People who know about things: how hard is getting the registrations and regulatory requirements for accessing Open Banking APIs? Is it something I could reasonably do just for myself or for a free/open-source service, or would I really need to be setting something bigger up to go to the hassle?

Bank holiday doesn't always mean rest! up and down the country will have been out saving lives and supporting communities - here's me and back from supporting a community event. how first aid saves lives!

But he is just one
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To celebrate fixing my federation issues: here's a friend I made the other day on campus

Thanks very much to everyone who has helped troubleshoot this issue:

@trumpet - who's spent a lot of time over the last few days trying to help me with relay problems 😅

@Edent - who spotted my initial tests, and whose replies gave me a hint as to where things were going wrong!

@val - who helped me test things out in IRC earlier today 😄

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A tale of woe involving CloudFlare and federation 

The lesson here, I guess: check the WAF logs in detail before assuming anything's not a CloudFlare issue! More specifically, if anyone else has weird issues and uses in front of their site - you need to disable "Bot Fight Mode" under "Security -> Bots" in the dashboard - else federation won't work properly.

I have sent CloudFlare a request to fix this on their end too!

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A tale of woe involving CloudFlare and federation 

Well, the answer is, I did! It turns out, though, that Bot Fight Mode persists even if you use Page Rules or WAF rules to turn it off on specific pages - and it looks to me as though it even stays on in CloudFlare's "development mode". So, without completely grey clouding my site - which wouldn't have worked as I client verify connections with CloudFlare's certificate - I assumed that the issue wasn't at their edge.

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A tale of woe involving CloudFlare and federation 

As it turns out, the ultimate problem was that CloudFlare, who stand in front of my Mastodon instance, have a "Bot Fight Mode", which is enabled by default. This uses "machine learning" of some sort for its request filtering - and that was causing some, but not all, federation requests to be "intelligently" (read: extremely unhelpfully) dropped. Now, you might think, "that's an obvious potential cause, why didn't you test with CloudFlare off?"

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A tale of woe involving CloudFlare and federation 

I couldn't understand for the life of me what was happening, and became more and more confused when it became apparent that retrying the same requests repeatedly would sometimes, but only sometimes, cause them to work. At the same time, it turned out the relay had been having issues itself, which made me even more confused thinking that those problems were my own too! Huge props to @rodti for being an incredible help troubleshooting.

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A tale of woe involving CloudFlare and federation 

I'd been experiencing really weird on and off federation issues for the last few days, seemingly only with specific servers. In particular, and the relay had been causing problems - and I couldn't work out why. Outbound messages were working fine, but absolutely nothing was coming back - not follow requests, not replies, not Toots, nothing. Some connections did randomly make it through after being tried repeatedly, though! 🧵

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